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We are open for in-person worship, or you can view live on Facebook at 10:30 on Sunday. It is also on our website on Monday.



Grace Pancakes

We need more volunteers for the Grace Pancake event on August 15. Meet at Grace Lutheran at 6:30 am. You will be done in time to make the service at 10:30. Sign up on the patio.

Out of Chaos, Hope

PDA has produced an award-winning series of short documentaries on issues of concern to the church and to the world. Join us on the second and fourth Sundays of the month at 7 pm on Zoom to watch and discuss the documentaries. Next video is August 1.  See the Plumbline for more information


Big Event

Save the Date(s) !! Presbytery Big Event August 27 and August 28. To be held via Zoom. Worship service, keynote speaker, and 6 workshops -- you choose! Watch E Focus for more information:


Help with Memorial Reception

It is a practice of Orangewood to provide the families who have lost loved ones with a memorial reception at Orangewood. If you are good at making cookies, or trays of finger foods, we can use your help You don’t have to attend the reception; just drop off your goodies. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Hedy Martin, or This is a much needed service that we provide to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.


Want an easy job on Sundays?

Become a scribe for the pastor! This is probably the easiest job there is. You get to stand next to Pastor Ken after the service for about 20 minutes and take notes for him. He will let you know if he needs you to write something down. Those of us who have done this in the past find that most Sundays there's nothing to write and you get to talk to the folks leaving the church. Many hands make light work, so if you're interested, talk to Becky Cederquist (623-363-4509). We'll work out a schedule that fits you. 


Montlure Presbyterian Camp Work Weekend

On August 20-22 a work crew will drive to Montlure Church Camp near Greer to pour foundation piers to move Elk Cabin. There are only 16 bunks, so sign up now. RV’s are welcome. Drivers will be reimbursed for gas. Contact Brent Upson for more information, at or 602-550-9935.  

Signup at:


Memorial Reception Help

We are for help with memorials. We need people who can bring veggie, fruit and cookies to receptions. You don't have to attend the memorial. If there are enough volunteers you will not be called on very often. See the bulletin for more information or call Hedy Martin 602-789-9624.-