Orangewood is committed to creating environments that are as safe as possible for you and your family. Our most current update is that we are going to pause our in person services until it is safe to return. As that date gets closer, we will provide additional updates through email, on our social channels and on our website.

Evening Prayer

We have evening prayer everyday at 7;00 pm on Facebook live. This time of prayer and worship will hopefully bring peace and comfort in these trying time.

Walk and Meditation

Orangewood will open the Sanctuary Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9 :30 – 11:30. We are inviting folks to walk a circuit through the hall and around the back of the sanctuary (sort of a circle) in the cool safety of an air-conditioned space. People might also choose to spend time sitting quietly and/or praying or visiting quietly with friends at a safe social distance.

You can enter through the main sanctuary doors. There will be a sign-in sheet for name and contact information hand sanitizer available. Bring your mask if you have one, there will also be some available for you just in case you didn’t bring one.