Meet Jikhara Williams

My name is Jikhara Williams, and I'm so excited to be joining your family! My journey with God began many years ago on a cold and snowy day in Chicago. I was at a Christmas party when a woman named Lillian came up to me and asked me if I wanted to know Jesus. I thought to myself "eh, what the heck" and my life has never been the same. Working with children and young people has always been an innate desire of mine. So much so that my youth pastor asked me to form a youth group. So I did, and it became the largest in my church hosting over 30 teens a week! Along with my youth group I supervised our entire children's ministry which consisted of children ages zero through sixteen for eighteen years. I am certified in child growth and development and have worked as a childcare professional for thirteen years. When I'm not catching up on the latest teen gossip or changing diapers. I can be found binge watching 90's sitcoms with my husband Joshua.