Reopening Update (COVID-19)

January 6, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Having reached the unfortunate bench-mark set by the Reopening Team, I am announcing today that Orangewood is going back to Phase 0 of our Reopening Plan. Phase 0 means that our building is closed for Orangewood PC activities. Worship will go back to individual worship leaders leading from different locations on Streamyard. Staff should work at home, but may be in the OPC building, taking reasonable precautions to make sure that they are alone if they do.

Thank you so much to the folk who helped with the Sanctuary led worship over the past months. I know it wasn't easy and you all did great work. I hope we can get back in the sanctuary soon. Enjoy worshipping in your pajamas!

We will not be closing the building to OPC renters (primarily thinking about S. Sudanese, Creative Bridges, and the CE singers), trusting them to make decisions that are right for them.

I will be consulting with the Orangewood African Fellowship concerning the appropriate steps for them.

The facts:

  • Arizona is the biggest hotspot in the nation/world for Covid 19.
  • Our hospitals are dangerously full.
  • Our cases per day are double what they were in the hottest period in the pandemic so far (June - July).
  • Deaths per day are as bad as that period and climbing.
  • Increasing numbers are predicted due to Christmas and New Year's gatherings.
  • AZ has not met our goals for getting vaccines in arms so far.

We are all praying for an end to this pandemic. Keep it up!

Your Servant, Ken Page